The Copenhagen Pot Glazed
The Copenhagen Pot Glazed
The Copenhagen Pot Glazed
The Copenhagen Pot Glazed
Bergs Potter Copenhagen medium pot in emerald
Bergs Potter Copenhagen large pot in amber yellow

The Copenhagen Pot Glazed

The Københavner Pot [Copenhagen Pot] has royal heritage and is one of the first pots designed by Bergs Potter. This noble pot is inspired by pottery made at the Royal Danish Palace of Fredensborg in 1860. The Glazed by Bergs collection features hand glazed colorful indoor pots.

Years ago, Steffen Berg stumbled upon beautiful old clay pots at a former nursery and created the Købehavner Pot, his very own interpretation of the pottery with royal origins. The Københavner Pot is still made by hand in a small village near Lucca in Tuscany. The legacy of the Københavner Pot adds an element of regal elegance even when paired with the humblest plant.

Designed in Denmark. Made in Italy.


Mineral White
Emerald Green
Petroleum Blue
Amber Yellow

XS - 5"Ø x 4.7" H S - 6" Ø x 5.5" H M - 7" Ø x 6.3" H L - 7.75" Ø x 7.1" H

Glazed Terracotta