Trudon Vixi travel perfume 15ml
Trudon Vixi perfume 100 ml bitter orange sage sandalwood
Trudon Vixi travel perfume 15ml
Vixi Trudon perfume 100 ml bitter orange sage and sandalwood
Vixi Parfum

Vixi Parfum

Vixi is a captivating fragrance that is a true testament to the essence of life and living in the present moment. The name "Vixi" means "who is living" in Latin, and it perfectly encapsulates the philosophy behind this fragrance. Vixi takes wearers on a spiritual journey toward light and inner clarity.

A unique blend of fresh, aromatic, and woody notes in Vixi creates an invigorating experience that uplifts the spirit. Bitter orange petitgrain brings a vibrant and refreshing touch, while the essence of sage and sandalwood adds a sense of tranquility. This fusion of natural essences harmoniously combines to awaken the senses, like a breath of fresh air.

Made in France.



15ml or 100ml