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Mermaid by Hans Bolling

Mermaid by Hans Bolling

At first glance, Mermaid reminds us of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that most people associate Denmark with. Designed in 1960, Hans Bolling's character goes beyond the fairy tale and embodies an ethereal, refined feminine aura. Her carefully rounded shape and thoughtful lines offer a sense of serenity. You can create new expressions simply by turning her head, fin, body, or arms. The head can also be taken off to put the arms over the head. The lower part of her body is made of oak wood, while the upper parts are made out of maple wood. A collectors piece to be enjoyed for generations.

Designed in Denmark.

$150.00 $120.00

H: 6.57" x W: 5.07"

Solid Oak and Maple Wood

Over time the wood color may change slightly from sunlight or moisture. A light sandpaper can be used to even out the surface. Beeswax balm can be used to preserve the color.