Pepper Mill, France, Black Pepper peugeot

Paris Pepper Mill

The Peugeot pepper mill from the Paris u'Select collection, made entirely of wood, is an incredible piece to display in your home. Waiting inside the beautifully chocolate colored body of the mill, the whole peppercorns will be driven to the unique case-hardened steel mechanism with an easy clockwise turn of the head. Virtually indestructible, the 2-step mechanism first cracks then grinds the whole peppercorns to release all the aroma and oils in the spice for the ultimate seasoning.

The gold-plated knob on top of the grinder is printed with the brand's emblem, the lion's head, in black for pepper. Regulate the size of the grind with a simple twist of the knob located at the bottom of the grinder. The finer the grind, the more heat will be released from the peppercorns, while a coarser grind will offer more intensity and flavors. Mill come partially filled with Peugeot Tan Hoi black peppercorns from Vietnam.

Use the mill just before serving for an even better taste. Enjoy the mill a the table or in the kitchen: the Paris mill is a masterpiece.

Made in France


Out of stock. Please contact us for lead-time.

H:16" x D:3"

Stainless steel mechanism, naturally corrosion-resistant, with a lifetime warranty. PEFC certified recycled wood from France.

Wipe down with a soft dry cloth – do not expose to liquids.