graf lantz charcoal grey merino wool felt trivet
graf lantz charcoal grey merino wool felt trivet
Charcoal graf lantz merino wool felt trivet 10"
Graf Lantz merino wool felt trivet granite 18"
Graf Lantz felt trivet color granite 8"

Felt Trivet

These round felt trivets goes beyond traditional use. Ideal for under hot plates, tea pots, plants or anywhere you'd like a little stylish surface protection. Made from top quality german merino wool.

Made in USA.



Overall: 8" and 10" Dia.

5mm Merino Wool Felt Sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable Odor, stain, heat, and dirt resistant Oeko-Tex® Certified Felt may melt or burn from heat higher than serving temperature Do not place pots or pans directly from the stove or oven on top Made in USA Cleaning and Care

Wine, oil, and food Step 1: Wet the spot well with a mix of warm water and light detergent until saturated. Step 2: Massage the stain lightly to break up fibers - wait 2 or 3 minutes. Step 3: Pat – don’t rub - the area firmly with absorbent paper towel to remove moisture. Step 4: Repeat 1-3 as necessary till stain visibly lightens. Step 5: Rinse and repeat until detergent clears. Step 6: Pat (again, don’t rub) surface well and lay flat to dry.