ThreeSevenParis Pitcher Coral Seashell
ThreeSevenParis Pitcher Coral Seashell
ThreeSevenParis Pitcher Dryness

Three Seven Pitcher

Elevate your dining experience with this exquisite pitcher. This handmade piece boasts two elegant patterns to choose from, adding a touch of artistry and sophistication to any table setting. Can be used on the table to refill water or wine glasses. You can also us the pitchers as vases.

These Three Seven pitchers are entirely handmade, following a long technical process. After the steps of casting, drying and firing, each piece passes through the hands of illustrators before being glazed to preserve its color, pattern and design. After 12 days through the manufacturing process, it is ready to join your table.

Handmade in Paris


Coral Seashell

3.7" D x 7.87" H 30 oz

100% Earthenware

Hand wash