ThreeSevenParis High Vase Coral Fishbone
ThreeSevenParis High Vase Coral Fishbone
ThreeSevenParis High Vase Flowers

Three Seven High Vase

These vases are stunning; true artisanry. A small pour spout allows you to also usse them as pitchers.

Three Seven vases are entirely handmade, following a long technical process. After the steps of casting, drying and firing, each piece passes through the hands of illustrators before being glazed to preserve its color, pattern and design. After 12 days through the manufacturing process, it is ready to join your table.

Handmade in Paris


Coral Fishbone
Flowers 1

4.33"D x 9.65"H 47 oz

100% Earthenware

Hand wash Do not microwave Do not use in the oven Handle with care and caution, avoiding impact against your dishwasher, table and between products themselves. Three Seven pieces are made of earthenware, which is a porous material by definition, and do not like water baths, as this could cause stains and infiltrations. In the case of hand washing, a small amount of water will suffice.