Maison Pechavy set of 10 fine cancles and long matches victoria sweet

Maison Pechavy Set of 10 Fine Candles and Long Matches - Victoria Sweet

Each box comes with 10 fine candles and one long box of matches. 4 khaki, 3 linen and 3 ecru with a matching box of matches

Maison Pechavy's fine candles are made at the Ciergerie des Prémontrés, in Provence, certified “Living Heritage Company”. A factory with Maison Pechavy collaborates because it shares values ​​that we want to protect: maintaining ancestral, French artisanal practices.

These elegant, very fine candles are made using the so-called “diving” method. This method is presented in different stages: The wax craftsmen arrange the cotton wicks on wooden rods, attached to frames and then everything is dipped in wax. This is how they obtain the slender taper at the top.

Handmade in France.


Victoria Sweet

Candles: 11.8" L Match box: 7.7" L (40 matches)

Food paraffin & vegetable wax