Andree Jardin Mr & Mrs Clynk tall dust pan and broom set black natural materials quality to last made in france

Andre Jardin Mr. & Mrs. Clynk Tall Dustpan + Broom Set

Andree Jardin's famous, Mr. & Mrs. Clynk Tall Dustpan + Broom Set is crafted in Brittany, France by famed broom and brush makers. This beautiful set has both vintage charm and modern aesthetic combined with user utility in mind. The standing French beechwood and pony-hair brush tucks right into the handle of the black lacquered steel dustpan making the duo just as easy to store as to clean. Feel the magic of cleaning with quality natural materials. Available in black.

Made to last in France.

$148.00 $108.00

7.9" W x 8.6" D x 35.4" H

Lacquered beech wood handle Mixed horsehair and synthetic bristles Lacquered steel pan

Wash with hot, soapy water and rinse clean. Shake excess moisture off and air dry.